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Excelling on the GRE: Strategies for Scoring a Top Score


The Excelling on the GRE course is a comprehensive program designed to equip students with the skills, strategies, and confidence needed to achieve a top score on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Over the span of 12 classes, students will delve into every aspect of the GRE exam, from verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning to analytical writing. Through a combination of interactive lectures, practice exercises, and simulated exams, participants will gain a deep understanding of the GRE format, question types, and test-taking techniques. Whether you’re aiming for admission to graduate school or seeking scholarship opportunities, this course will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel on the GRE and stand out to admissions committees.

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Course Instructor:  Saidur Rahman Shawon

GRE Score : 321

Lecture, Daffodil International University



Course Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to the GRE Exam (Duration: 1 class)

  • Overview of the GRE exam structure, sections, and scoring system.
  • Understanding the importance of the GRE in the graduate school admissions process.
  • Setting personalized score goals and creating a study plan.

Module 2: Verbal Reasoning Strategies (Duration: 2 classes)

  • Techniques for tackling reading comprehension passages.
  • Strategies for mastering sentence equivalence and text completion questions.
  • Vocabulary-building exercises and resources.

Module 3: Quantitative Reasoning Strategies (Duration: 3 classes)

  • Review of fundamental math concepts tested on the GRE.
  • Problem-solving strategies for quantitative comparison and data interpretation questions.
  • Practice exercises focusing on algebra, geometry, and arithmetic.

Module 4: Analytical Writing Preparation (Duration: 2 classes)

  • Overview of the analytical writing section tasks: analyzing an issue and analyzing an argument.
  • Structuring and organizing effective essays.
  • Incorporating persuasive reasoning and examples to support arguments.

Module 5: Mock Exam Review (Duration: 1 class)

  • Simulated GRE exam experience with a full-length practice test.
  • Detailed analysis of test results and identification of strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Strategies for managing time and reducing test anxiety.

Module 6: Verbal Reasoning Advanced Techniques (Duration: 1 class)

  • Advanced strategies for approaching complex reading comprehension passages.
  • Tips for identifying key information and drawing inferences.
  • Practice drills to enhance critical reading skills.

Module 7: Quantitative Reasoning Advanced Techniques (Duration: 1 class)

  • Advanced problem-solving techniques for challenging quantitative reasoning questions.
  • Shortcut methods and time-saving strategies.
  • Application of concepts to solve real-world problems.

Module 8: Analytical Writing Practice and Feedback (Duration: 1 class)

  • Peer review and feedback session for analytical writing essays.
  • Tips for refining argumentation and improving clarity and coherence.
  • Revision techniques for enhancing the quality of writing.

Module 9: Verbal Reasoning Practice Test (Duration: 1 class)

  • Practice test focusing on verbal reasoning section.
  • Review of answers and discussion of strategies for improving accuracy and speed.

Module 10: Quantitative Reasoning Practice Test (Duration: 1 class)

  • Practice test focusing on quantitative reasoning section.
  • Review of answers and discussion of strategies for tackling challenging math problems.

Module 11: Analytical Writing Practice Test (Duration: 1 class)

  • Practice test focusing on analytical writing section.
  • Peer review and feedback session for essays.

Module 12: Final Exam Review and Test-taking Strategies (Duration: 1 class)

  • Review of key concepts and strategies covered throughout the course.
  • Final tips and strategies for maximizing performance on test day.
  • Addressing last-minute concerns and questions from participants.

Throughout the Excelling on the GRE course, participants will receive personalized attention and guidance from experienced instructors, ensuring that they are fully prepared to achieve their target scores on the GRE exam.


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